A 3-year full Bachelors programme, therefore, has 6 semesters and equals 180 ECTS credits. A 2-year Masters programme has 4 semesters and equals 120 ECTS credits. On average, one ECTS credit point equals between 25-30 working hours. This includes hours spent at the university as well as outside the university.


Credit value of the study programme is 240 ECTS. Other issues of importance for the realization of the study programme: Studies are conducted through classes (using modern methods), which are listed in the Curriculum and arranged into semesters. Two semesters constitute an academic year. Total number of ECTS in one academic year is at least 60.

Een credit staat tegenwoordig ook bekend onder de oude benaming studiepunt. • Figure A profiles the credit associated with a typical 3-year programme.The total credit package for the programme in ECTS terms is 180, and an award is made only when a learner has accumulated this amount of credits. Depending on the practice in the awarding body concerned, the credit may be allocated to a learner at Grundlagen des ECTS. Die nachfolgenden Ausführungen beziehen sich zum einen auf die sogenannten ECTS-Credits, die nach dem für Europa einheitlichen ECTS-Standard vergeben werden und den durchschnittlichen, für den Studienerfolg erforderlichen Workload (Arbeitsaufwand, d. h. Unterricht mit Vor- und Nachbereitung, Selbststudium und Prüfungsvorbereitung) in Zahlen fassen, zum anderen auf die Credit value of the study programme is 240 ECTS.

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Copyright c© PUBYEAR  Possibility to obtain 240 ECTS credits for direct access in Master. 2 by taking additional courses along the 3 years of studies. 4 years. Bordeaux. Lyon. Delivered  The extent of the Bachelor of Engineering degree programme is 240 ECTS credits and the planned duration of the studies is four years.

Utbildningen ges på Mastersnivå (med eller utan föreliggande  Third Cycle Studies (utbildning på forskarnivå), 240 ECTS Credits (hp) Subdisciplinary Field of Study: Botany/Plant Biology Institute: Faculty of Forest Sciences Sök efter nya Credit controller-jobb i Umeå. The PhD education consists of a course component of 100-120 ECTS credits and is to be concluded with a PhD  The courses and programme for the degree of doctor/licentiate involve a total of 240/120 ECTS (credits) split between a course element  The courses and programme for the degree of doctor/licentiate involve a total of 240/120 ECTS (credits) split between a course element providing 60/30 ECTS  comprising at least four years of study (240 ECTS credits), whereof at least 60 ECTS credits at advanced (Master's) level (or equivalent). Possibility to obtain 240 ECTS credits for direct access in Master.

Har du studerat vid ett amerikanskt college eller universitet så brukar en amerikansk credit motsvara 2 ECTS poäng, så du måste ta 30 credits per läsår i USA för 

Credits The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) system is used in parallel, with 60 ECTS corresponding to the workload in an academic year for a total of 1500 hours. First-cycle studies require 240 ECTS, second-cycle studies require 120 ECTS, and third-cycle studies require 240 ECTS for completion. The ECTS grading scale is a grading system defined in the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) framework by the European Commission.Since many grading systems co-exist in Europe and, considering that interpretation of grades varies considerably from one country to another, if not from one institution to another, the ECTS grading scale has been developed to provide a common Es gibt Bachelorstudiengänge mit 180 sowie 240 ECTS-Punkten. Bei einem dreijährigen Bachelorstudiengang werden pro Semester demnach 30 Leistungspunkte gesammelt.

Ph.D. theses (240 ECTS credits); principal supervisor: 2, assistant supervisor: 3. 1. Lars Ljungkrona, Characteristics of Mean and Fluctuating Surface Pressure 

240 ects credits

Bachelor's and Master's degree  All study programs offer courses of a total of 30 ECTS credits per semester, degree programmes are of 4 years official duration with a total of 240 ECTS credits. 13 Aug 2020 The ECTS credit system makes degree programmes and student 180 ECTS credits; 4-year Bachelor's programme: 240 ECTS credits; 1 or  The first level, undergraduate (Bachelor's) degree studies, take four years and require the students to obtain 240 ECTS credits. · The second level, graduate (  In most cases the student must accumulate a total of 180 o 240 ECTS credits in order to be awarded the degree, although in degree courses such as Medicine,  A Bachelor degree at a Netherlands University of Applied Sciences, such as Wittenborg, is weighted at a total of 240 Credits. Academic Bachelor programmes ,  240 ECTS credits.

240 ects credits

Four CATS points are equivalent to one US credit hour. ECTS (англ. European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System — Европейская система перевода и накопления баллов) — общеевропейская система учёта учебной работы студентов при освоении образовательной программы или курса. Each ECTS Credit is weighted at a notional student workload of 25-30 hours5.
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240 ects credits

The program consists of 240 ECTS credits, requires 3-6 years on a full- or part-time basis. Extent of the study programme: 240 ECTS credits; Planned duration: 4 years; Tuition fee: euros No; Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering. Description also  degree, or completed course requirements of at least 240 ECTS credits, of which at least 60 ECTS credits are at second-cycle level or have an  higher education credits/ECTS, in Physics, Faculty of Engineering, LTH. 3.2 Official length of programme: 240 higher education credits equivalent to 240 ECTS.

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En kort utbildning brukar omfatta 90–120 ECTS-poäng. En kandidatexamen (grundnivå) är i regel 180 eller 240 poäng och en masterexamen (avancerad nivå) 

I vissa skolsystem och länder använder man lärarinsatsen som måttstock på studiernas omfattning, till exempel antal veckotimmar, det vill säga undervisningartimmar per vecka. A Ph.D.

Name of the programme: Study Programme in Speech and Language Pathology; Number of credits: 240 credits (240 ECTS credits); Starting 

3.2. ECTS credits are assigned to course components/modules incorporating their associated assessment exercises and examinations, and also to other forms of structured student Duration and scope of studies: 4 years, 240 ECTS credits, including 30 credits of work placement. Qualification The earned qualification is an undergraduate degree (a bachelor’s degree).

The ECTS Users’ Guide offers guidelines for implementing ECTS and links to useful supporting documents.