Undertale lemons x male reader AkumaKami64 is a fanfiction author that has written 111 stories for Naruto, Teen Titans, Bleach, Evangelion, Grim Tales, Code Geass, Shadow of the Colossus, Soul Eater, Hellsing, Harry Potter, Sora no Otoshimono/そらのおとしもの, Lion King, Invader Zim, My Little Pony, Star Wars, Pokémon, Red vs. Blue, Overlord, X-overs, Attack on.


rikolinos y algún videojuego como Undertale o RPGs, con los astros y los signos del zodiaco. fem various x male reader - fem human puppet x male reader.

papyrus, gaster, fanfiction. male!Reader x Sollux; Sollux Captor; Male!Reader - Character; this is just sexy time; that's it haha; Summary. You're just a dude failing high school math. But at the teacher's suggestion you ask Sollux Captor for help. He gives it along with something else~ :D. Language: English Words: 2,290 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 2 Kudos: 246 Bookmarks: 11 Jan 26, 2018 - Read part 3: stay or leave? from the story female!

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reader. very sorry for the inactivity! with all the free time we’re all suddenly finding ourselves with, there should be more soon! here’s a genderbent doki doki to make up for it in the mean time ;) tw: gaslighting, mentions of suicide. Jul 25, 2019 - Sanctuary to all of the Undertale / Deltarune fans & enthusiasts! Jul 25, 2019 - Sanctuary to all of the Undertale / Deltarune fans (Sirentale Sans & Sirentale Papyrus X Fem!Siren!

Lemons 2 Male  18 Dec 2016 Here I go againanother fan fiction The one's with the this ( ' ) are song lyrics wellex. 28 Jan 2018 Fem! Reader x Rus ( SF Papyrus ) -Boyfriend Scenario Beppi the Clown x Trans Male Reader: The brightest day ~ Cagney x Female Reader: Orchid- NSFW ~ · Cagney Carnation x Female! Cagney Carnation x Male!

!Fem! Frisk x !male! Cara. Frisk P.O.V. I fell down MNT ettbot and someone there was crying. He had rose cheeks and blood red eyes. I walked up to him and patted his head. "Are you ok, are you scared? Its ok, I'm kind of scared too I just fell down here." He looked at me and smiled. "I need a sole…can I have yours." He looked at me like he

Ongoing. You're a normal Boy who's living a good life.

Adrian Clements is the main protagonist of the romance sex fanfiction,Female Creepypasta X Reader Series,he is immortal,pervy,lustful, witty,and flirty.he loves  

Fem undertale x male reader

from the story female! sans x male! reader by underboundsans (underbound sans) with 4,363 reads. sans, snowdin, fanfiction. Y/N: Now for a Female Human Papyrus X Male Reader!

Fem undertale x male reader

Due to having an inappropriate action listed in your bio, you have been hidden until you change it. Remind me, or another moderator to unhide you, once that time is up. Fem!Puppet x Male!Reader :: FNaF x Reader Group. Posted: (11 days ago) Fem!Puppet x Male!Reader You didn't know what to make of your nightguard job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
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Fem undertale x male reader

Have fun. If you manage to make a FNaF x Reader story, you will become player of the week! Remember these icons for when you're making a FNaF x Reader story. (y/n) - Your name. (h/c) - Hair color.

"I need a sole…can I have yours." He looked at me like he undertale sans male reader x Rosario+Vampire Harem you technically get out the underground this is pacifist and you of course you need to go to a school with monster's so yeah I think I said enough. Article by Wattpad Fem Fem Chara X Reader Lemon images, similar and related articles aggregated throughout the Internet.
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Read Toriel x Adult Male Reader from the story Male Reader x Fem Yandere Various 3 by gojira2003 with 18887 reads. highschooldxd, anime, yandere. plush!Toriel x child!reader Read plush!Toriel x child!reader from the story Undertale x reader (completed) by Chaos-Prince …

(h/c) - Hair color. (e/c) - Eye color. (l/n) - Last name.

Undertale dating western start | Brandcommunication Incredibly easy to use interface: Sexfilmer thai tyresö, sending and reading messages is Eskort sex porn free knulla i södertälje kvinna hitta sex male massage stockholm thai Närmsta grönområde, Holje Park, ligger ca fem minuters gångväg meter från adressen.

The official sub for MLB224’s fan fiction site (Quirkyfanfics.com) that includes My Hero Academia … Read [Undertale] Frisk x Reader x Chara -Lemon- from the story Requested Male Reader X Female Characters [Closed] by Butterz1023 with 13,095 reads.

"Undertale characters X Reader Female Chara X Male Reader (Raped) Clockwork, Akira. 3 hours ago · XGaster then uses more of Ink’s paint to finally reclaim the other half of his soul, killing X-Event!Chara, however XGaster quickly revives them and Cross. On the other hand, they can flip a switch and become murderous and violent in a second. 27.